Fuckup Nights The Hague #8

On Wednesday, 30-09-2020, we had our first Corona-proof Fuckup Nights The Hague event in Bleyenberg. Great to see what is possible within the given limits. Together with our partners Impact City and KREW, we had the opportunity to host 30 people that night.

-For the protection of our speakers, we will not publish any insights shared or questions answered regarding their presentations. If you’re curious to know what to expect or learn from our speakers, make sure to attend future events.-

For the first time, we hosted this event, having an all-women line-up. We kicked off with a short inspiring talk about fuckups and the importance of having an inclusive start-up ecosystem by our spiritual leader Arthur. Check out the short clip below for some quotes by our female founders.

Next, we had three diverse stories from the female speakers, all related to establishing their business and making an impact. They guided us through their journey of lessons learned using our 5f format (fail, facts, feelings, find & future). First up was Beth Massa, an American transplant and the owner and founder of Ozarka. Her goal is to end plastic pollution in the food industry by replacing single-use, disposable food containers with circular, reusable containers.

Her talk was centered around the a-ha moment when she realized her competitors should be her customers. This moment let to an awakening with Ozarka that eventually brought angel investors. In short, Beth talked to about how Ozarka has thrived by being flexible.

Next up was Innah Wordsworth, a 35-year-old American woman raised in a very international environment in a Washington, D.C. suburb. She had various jobs, and her dream of traveling around Europe brought her to our beloved city of The Hague, initially as an Aupair.

Innah worked for large and small companies and learned a lot about life and following your dreams. She currently owns “Gather and Brunch,” an event and studio space for creatives. Innah learned the hard way that the customer is not always right. Some of her biggest fuckups have been bending over backward to cater to/get a client losing her vision and passion for business in the process.

The third speaker, Eugenie Simon, aims to help companies to grow. People call her a gamechanger, connector, and a bit stubborn. Her key focus is on strategy, profitability, and leadership.

According to Eugenie, entrepreneurship is one big Tinder challenge. It’s all about getting the perfect match between your clients, business partners, and, last but not least, YOU. So, let’s swipe businesswise! Eugenie encouraged us to slow DOWN first before starting up or scaling up.

What’s next? We will continue to host FUN nights in 2020 (if Corona doesn’t f* it up) with another edition coming up in November. Make sure to keep an eye out on our socials for our next official announcement.

We want to thank Bleyenberg, KREW, and the city of The Hague – Impact City, as well as all our other partners for making all this possible. Once again, not only for this event but also for all others that we could host throughout the year.

Finally, we also want to thank our speakers for sharing their (personal) difficulties and being so open with us. We learned so much from them. And of course, we want to thank the audience for being so involved, as it makes it all worthwhile.

See you at FUN The Hague!