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ImpactCity The Hague, in collaboration with VanPaz and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), launched the city’s second edition of:


Do you have a ground-breaking idea? And can you use €50,000 cash (!) to get a grip on the R&D, technical feasibility and commercial potential in order to develop it into a credible business plan for scaling it up?

Then we have good news for you! The European Commission grants €50,000 cash to innovative EU companies via the ‘SME Instrument Phase 1’ subsidy. The Municipality of The Hague wants to increase the local success rate and this is why it has launched the initiative GetFunded in which 5 companies from The Hague area will be awarded with the expertise of professional grant consultants to write a great subsidy proposal and (hopefully) get the €50,000 to carry out a technical/business feasibility study.

Do you want to be one of these 5 companies? Then apply at this link. You can also send an email to

There are no costs involved to apply to GetFunded and no costs if you win the grant. The €50,000 cash will all be yours!

The application deadline is March 6th. You don’t need to wait till then, filling in the application form will take only a few minutes of your time. Do not miss this great opportunity and remember that GetFunded is only open to companies already incorporated and active in The Hague area. Apply now and we will talk soon!

Background information

Download flyer here

In this programme, professional grant consultants, supported by the RVO experts, work closely with you to prepare a top-notch 10-page application for Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 1 call closing on May 3rd, 2018. The SME Instrument awards a €50,000 grant to the best European SMEs and offers the possibility apply for much higher amounts – up to €2,5M – later on (here more information).

The first GetFunded! initiative has been a great success: we have received 85 applications from SMEs based in region of The Hague.

The evaluation committee will judge the applications according to the following criteria, matching those defined by the European Commission:

1) Maturity of the innovation

2) Excellent of the innovation

3) Impact of the innovation

The winners will work closely with the experts from VanPaz and RVO to write an excellent application for the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, one of the most prestigious (and difficult to get) European grants for SMEs. The proposals will be submitted in May and the results will be public in June. Good luck to all of them!

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What will be the next steps for the 5 winners of Get Funded?

You will work with our consultants to write an excellent SME Instrument proposal to be submitted by May 3rd. Six weeks after the submission you will know whether you get €50.000 or not. If not…don’t despair yet. You may re-apply and the EC will give you an evaluation report with their expert opinion. There is a deadline every 3 months, so you will have about 4 weeks to revise your proposal and resubmit. Many companies only get the grant on the second or third try, even if their application is of the highest quality, just because competition is fierce.

And good to know: it is called phase 1 for a reason. Many successful companies use the phase 1 grant to prepare an application for phase 2, which requires a mature 30-page business plan. But the potential reward may make it worth it: from €500.000 up to €2.500.000 may be granted to successful applicants.