Showcasing The Hague's signature innovation:

Hackathon meets think-tank on the beach

WTHX is an open, non-hierarchical platform that facilitates experimentation, new ideas and innovation. Participants are selected carefully, based on their talents and expertise. Because WTHX believes that bringing together different strongly opinionated people from different disciplines can create powerful, meaningful and beautiful things.

WTHX’s first edition focused on peace, justice and security – while explicitly linking it to the accelerated growth of technology and the opportunities it offers. By breaking the traditional boundaries between fields, the event brought together professionals from the domains of security, peace and justice and paired them with techies, creatives and designers.

Two exciting days
During two exciting days, they tried to come up with altogether new ways of answering to some of the global challenges we face today. The approach energized all those present. “We fail to get these sectors to work together. Everyone is in their own corner, applying their own logic,” security expert Sabine Hengeveld-Auer commented on her experience at WTHX. “It was really exciting to look for solutions together.”