Hague-based startup Envision joins the GES

The 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit is just around the corner, and this year the host of this prestigious event is the city of The Hague, the city of peace and justice, and the city that values doing good while doing business. For three days over 2,000 global leaders in entrepreneurship, innovation, investment and policy will gather together building connections that help transform ideas into enterprises.

Changing the world for the better

The Hague is home to many of these entrepreneurs who have created startups that aim to transform our world for the better. One of these is Envision, an innovative Hague-based startup that helps people with disabilities gain access to the labour market. The brainchild of Karthik Mahadevan, Envision is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to make visual information accessible to visually impaired people. Put simply: Envision uses computer intelligence to help people who are partially blind, to see and understand things they normally wouldn’t be able to see independently.

Envision understands the importance of relationships, especially working in the field of medical care where working with the government is essential. According to Karthik “We have always been interested in working with the government because it is an important stakeholder in Envision. The government is the only institution that has the motivation for doing good for the public and also has access to the citizens”. Walking the talk, “Startup in Residence, a startup accelerator programme run by the Municipality of The Hague is actually encouraging startups to solve this problem.”

Next Steps

Envision is continually progressing toward their goal, and the next step for the organisation is hardware. They are currently working on applying their software to smart glasses so that the visually impaired can access visual information simply by viewing text through them.

The 2019 Global Entreprenur Summit

Expectations for the summit are high. Karthik wishes “to meet a wide range of people hailing from diverse backgrounds, including other impact startup’s as well as potential investors”. It is all about sharing the Envision story. Post-summit Karthik hopes to have created mutually beneficial and meaningful connections as well as increasing awareness of the Envision story globally.