The Hague Innovators Challenge: Innovations for a better world

What is the The Hague Innovator Challenge?

The City of The Hague aims to encourage startups, organizations and students to present new ideas on tackling current global challenges, by way of the The Hague Innovator Challenge. Concepts that link various disciplines and sectors are preferred. The best ideas can win prizes ranging from € 5,000 to € 30,000.

DOK Den Haag

DOK Den Haag is a co-operative cooperation in sustainable urban logistics.

Student | Myco Cycle Pavillion

Can we turn the very wasteful building industry into a cookie monster-like waste vanishing machine, while simultaneously making sustainable and healthy buildings?

The Open Insect Farm

*** The Next Cuisine ***

Student | Drive & Deliver

“Cheaper driving lessons, less pollution and fewer traffic jams in cities. That is what we want to achieve with Drive & Deliver.

The Healing Pod

Time spent in hospitals and clinics can be tiring and stressful.

YAPILI. Health @Hand

YAPILI provides new opportunities for many Africans to connect to local and western health professionals in an efficient and confidential way.

A trust-based network of disaster responders

HumanSurge provides an innovative solution to the challenges faced by humanitarian organisations in mobilising the required qualified Human Resources during emergencies: its surge capacity.


Very Important Electric Transport Services – is a new alternative transportation method in the city of The Hague.

De Ideeëngenerator

Studio Renate Boere has developed a game that quickly generates ideas and provides criteria for enabling pitching, evaluate and realizing your idea.

And the winners of 2018 are:

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