The Hague Innovators Challenge: Innovations for a better world

What is the The Hague Innovators Challenge?

By way of the The Hague Innovators Challenge, the City of The Hague aims to encourage startups, organizations and students to present new ideas on tackling current global challenges. Concepts that link various disciplines and sectors are preferred. The best ideas can win prizes ranging from € 5,000 to € 30,000.

In order to develop new solutions, you as a student or startup need the space and freedom to experiment. We believe in this in The Hague. It all starts with a good idea and the willingness to challenge the established order. For this, you will need pre-speed funding. That is why we started the Challenge of The Hague Innovators.

Wanted: innovative ideas

In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working towards making the world a better place by doing business and doing good. Every day and in many ways. In order to promote these concepts, the city is sponsoring the annual The Hague Innovators contest. The best ideas can win prizes ranging from € 5.000 to € 30.000.

Who is eligible?

Businesses and organisations based in The Hague are eligible. Established and emerging foundations can also take part. Students are also very welcome to join. They can compete for the student prize. Working together with a partner in The Hague gives you an advantage.

How does it work

Deadline for applications was on the 6th of November 2017, but there will be a new competition in 2018. A professional selection committee selected nine nominees from all proposals. The nominees are invited to further develop their ideas in the second phase of the contest. At the end of the second phase, an independent jury announces the winners of the challenge. They are awarded prize money and can invest it in executing their plans.

What’s to gain

The maximum of 9 selected nominees in phase 1 all win two workshops, a video clip, and media attention. Ultimately, three prizes are available for the winners of the challenge: €5,000 (public prize), €20,000 (second prize), and €30,000 (first prize). Students can compete for the student prize of €10,000.