Impact Startup Fest

The Hague | October 2nd

October 2nd | Save the date! 

Save the date for Impact Startup Fest!

On October 2nd, in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague, a brand new Impact Startup Fest will take place! The impact of unresolved global challenges is growing. Neither markets, nor NGOs, nor governments alone can solve the challenges we all are facing. So start cooperating and join Impact Startup Fest. The biggest impact event of Europe, with a mission to improve the world by connecting the right people.

This year we take a complete new approach! We have replaced traditional workshops and long lists of keynote speakers by a number of small and personal in-depth sessions between the host and just a few participants. Here, you can work on a specific topic with the participants and have their full attention. In smaller settings like roundabouts, matchmaking and a number of side events, we invite people to start the conversation: how to make impact together.

The Fokker Terminal will be packed with all kinds of impact makers, connecting and starting new initiatives on important themes like climate action, humanitarian innovation, energy, sustainability and how to feed the world.

Our goal: you will leave with new, useful connections and at least 15 leads to follow up and empower your work in making impact. Together with new friends, new insights and new knowledge.


In the Roundabout sessions we take a deep-dive with 4-6 guests into the expertise of the session host. You can consider these Roundabout sessions as intimate small scale workshops or deep dives on a particular topic.

Roundabouts topics will vary from the first steps in Impact investment to experience sharing by a CEO of an large NGO. In this small setting participants get the opportunity to really discuss the topics that matter to them, at the end they leave the table with applicable knowledge and leads that will help them instantly in their business.


In the Matchups we connect and match impact startups to corporates, investors, NGOs and governments for a personal one on one. Before the event we match the startups and partners on mutual preferences, in that way we guarantee that the meeting is in both interests.

It’s not a meeting to make a deal, but a quick sessions to see whether a follow up is interesting. A great opportunity to have multiple meetings in a short timespan.

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