ImpactCity helps your company to find new talent

Access to talent

Access to talent is an important factor for growth; we invest in development programs to promote entrepreneurship at the university and colleges. For professional training of professionals, we invest in programs around new technologies, such as Blockchain.

Campus The Hague / University of Leiden, the Haagse Hogeschool and the universities of Delft and Rotterdam are important sources of talent for startups. We are therefore working hard on the connection between knowledge institutions and these startups in The Hague. These knowledge institutions are breeding ponds for new generations of entrepreneurs and inventors in the field of innovations with international impact. We do this by stimulating a culture of entrepreneurship, developing innovative models for new companies and finding solutions for social and societal issues.

According to the ‘Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018’, the worldwide position of The Hague is 27th : growth, attracting and retaining. In the list of countries, the position of Netherlands is 9th. A position we are proud of!

Recruitment of top talent

A constant growth of innovative talent is needed to boost the impact economy. The knowledge institutions in The Hague and surroundings play an important role in this. But the arrival of more and more talented top talent in specific fields is essential. The international profile and an optimal ecosystem has a strong appeal to this target group in the Netherlands and abroad. The Hague welcomes innovative top talent with open arms and supports with excellent conditions for accelerated growth.

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