HortiHeroes brings Food & Flower innovators to The Hague

The inspiration and networking event HortiHeroes Arena is an initiative that connects startups and young professionals with the Food & Flower Industry. The goal is to renew this sector on a large scale and make an impact worldwide.

On 7 June, ImpactCity invited the HortiHeroes community to the start-up hub Binkhaven in The Hague, to build a bridge between the city and the Food & Flower producers and suppliers. In the creative industrial environment of De Caballero Fabriek, there was cross-fertilization between startups, scale-ups, front runners from horticulture and high potentials.

Only together can we remain a leader and work towards a sustainable future when it comes to green, healthy cities. Participants of the HortiHeroes Academy kicked off the day with a field trip to The Hague Tech to meet a number of young tech innovators and then sharpen each other’s business model during a power session with the startups of FoodStars. Then more than 150 heroes came to the HortiHeroes Arena.

‘How to become a Magnet’ by adidas and Koppert Cress

In the theme ‘How to become a Magnet’, Gerben Tegenbosch, Senior Manager of Global Consumer Service of adidas shared his vision on attracting customers and talent. Gerben: “This generation wants to belong to something, they want to contribute and prefer to choose a personalized approach in which they create and contribute themselves. adidas is growing fast and that is only possible by developing together with the customer, by listening to the needs instead of pushing a product! “says Gerben. For example, the sports brand has a number of ambassadors, such as football player Messi, who do not deliver big revenues, but show that creation comes from outside.

Adidas works together with partners to remain innovative. “Often, you can not do it alone. We are constantly looking for how we can do better. “Tegenbosch indicated that it is all about the customer. Everyone in the company is obliged to call two customers a week ”

Stories with a magnetic effect

According to Rob Baan, CEO of Koppert Cress, his stories about the product and health produced a magnetic effect. “I focused on top gastronomy. I have talked a lot with cooks and told the stories, “says Baan. In the past there was trade between them, but according to Baan that did not work optimally, because they could not convey the story properly. That is why Koppert Cress has turned the chain around. “It is therefore about creating demand among the chefs. When you meet growers in the greenhouse, they talk passionately about their product.  Dutch horticulture has a beautiful story in its hands. We have a cool message. Storytelling can definitely work as a magnet. ”

Especially the message that we do not sell peppers, but health was an interesting take away! The sector is the pharmacy of the future, or “no pills but peppers” an important insight that we can jointly propagate!

For an impression of the HortiHeroes Arena check the after movie.

HeroFestival | 5 juli | Join forces to supercharge a sustainable world

On Thursday 5 July the HeroFestival, Seeded by HortiHeroes takes place. This is the place where leaders, innovators, governments, knowledge institutes, startups, employees and investors from the Food & Flower Industry have the courage to make an accelerated impact together with other sectors. The young heroes from the HortiHeroes Academy pitch their innovative company and startups share their expertise and innovations. Register for the HeroFestival via this link.