How do you give homeless people a home?

The number of homeless people continues to rise. Due to the shortage on the housing market, the outflow of homeless people to semi-independent homes is stagnating. As a result, people stay on benefits for a long time, they do not have a stable living situation, and they face difficulties with working on their future.

Last spring, the municipality of The Hague called for innovative solutions through the Startup in Residence The Hague (SIR) Program. Fabian Weergang, founder of the startup Devjo applied with an idea to help homeless people with both a home and getting work experience.

Devjo has been built for the homeless by the homeless

Devjo staat voor Door En Voor Jezelf Opgebouwd. Fabian legt zijn idee uit: “We gaan de doelgroep faciliteren om eigen Tiny Houses te bouwen bij sportverenigingen. Vervolgens zal de bewoner zich op structurele wijze als vrijwilliger inzetten voor de sportvereniging. Zo worden 2 maatschappelijke problemen aan elkaar gekoppeld en door elkaar ingedamd. Het is een win-win! We hebben onze organisatie en plannen de afgelopen maanden in relatieve stilte doorontwikkeld, maar inmiddels zijn we er klaar voor. De grootste uitdaging ligt in de plannen nu daadwerkelijk effectief in de praktijk te brengen.”

Devjo stands for Door En Voor Jezelf Opgebouwd which translates into: Built By And For Yourself. Fabian explains his idea: “We are going to facilitate the target group to build their own Tiny Houses at sports clubs. Subsequently, the resident will make a structural commitment as a volunteer at the sports club. This way 2 social problems are linked to improve both. It is a win-win! We have continued to develop our organization and plans in relative silence in recent months, but we are now ready. The biggest challenge lies in actually putting the plans into practice. ”

Next phase from Apollo 14

“During our participation in the Startup In Residence program we worked a lot in Apollo 14. We have come to know this location as a challenging environment for startups working on a better world. We are entering a new phase by establishing ourselves in this impact startup location. By becoming part of this network of successful entrepreneurs, we expect to achieve many benefits for Devjo. In collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague, LIMOR and C3 Living, Devjo will create a global first by having homeless people solve their own housing problems. ”

Join the SIR Demo Day

On December 10, the Demo Day of the SIR program is where Devjo will show what their cooperation with the municipality led to and how they will implement their plans. Want to know more? Or meet some of the other candidates of the SIR The Hague program?

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