Meet BooM creatives:

"Ultimately, putting food waste on the map is a political endeavor"

BooM creatives is a The Hague-based brand and design agency that primarily focuses on branding and packaging. You would think that the company’s main objective is to design appealing packaging that helps its clients to increase sales. And sure, it is, but not against all costs.

“Of course, it makes us feel good when consumers pick our client’s product over another’s, because we designed beautiful packaging for it,” BooM commercial director Willy Mooren says. “But it’s an absurd idea that we – or anyone else for that matter – would have an interest in that same consumer throwing away said product unused, because he bought it without actually needing it.”

Limiting food waste worldwide

“Food waste is an enormous problem that touches the lives of people worldwide,” Mooren says. “We asked ourselves what we could do about it, right here, in our own living environment.” This is what triggered BooM to develop the concept of a smartphone application called My Fridge that will help individual consumers limit their food waste – simply by helping them to manage their own fridge.

The concept takes the average turnaround time of products as its starting point. By monitoring what consumers buy and when, the application is able to propose recipes of what should logically be on the menu on a given day. To make things more interesting, the application also features a social component that encourages neighbors to have a look inside each other’s refrigerators and exchange foods that would otherwise go to waste. Or, even better, encourage them to share a meal together.

Win-win situation

When proposing a recipe for dinner, the application includes suggestions about which additional products need to be bought in order to be able to prepare said dish. “And this is where the grocery store’s interest comes in,” says Mooren. “Grocery stores have an interest in the increase of the number of visits per customer. Because every additional time that a consumer comes in, he is likely to pick up some extra products that he wouldn’t have otherwise. Alternatively, it’s in the consumer’s interest to be able to manage his or her stock more easily.” Hence, a win-win situation ensues.

BooM creatives recently introduced the concept to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that currently focuses significant attention to the issue of food waste. “We believe that it makes sense to make a joint effort to combat food waste,” Mooren says. “Ultimately, putting food waste on the map might be a political endeavor, but it’s a great feeling to be able to contribute to the process.”