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Impact Startup Fest 2017

ImpactCity The Hague is excited to announce the second edition of Impact Startup Fest on 25 and 26 September this year. Innovations that tackle social and global challenges will take center stage at the festival. 

Impact Startup Fest: Doing business & doing good

The City of The Hague has been on a mission to demonstrate the potential of doing business and doing good. Deputy Mayor Karsten Klein explains: “In The Hague, we like to show that the two go hand in hand. It’s the essence of our Impact Economy startup program and the essence of our economic efforts. Hosting Impact Startup Fest fits our wish to boost the startup ecosystem in the city, so that startups and other companies are perfectly positioned to take off.”

Additionally, he stresses his sense of urgency for startups to focus on resolving the global challenges of our day and age: “Together, we can make progress in achieving the United Nation’s sustainable development goals: reduced inequality, responsible consumption and production, industry and innovation, and infrastructure. These are just a few examples of what we are doing here in The Hague, for over more than a century.”

Global challenges, startup solutions

Impact Startup Fest is part of the nationwide Startup Fest Europe, which will take place in the Netherlands from 25-29 September 2017. During Startup Fest Europe, the Netherlands will be the epicenter of “global challenges, startup solutions”. The festival will focus entirely on impact startups and their potential to change the world.

Like last year, the festival will feature thematic events, energizing meet-ups, deep dives, and deal making throughout the country. It will bring together an inspiring international network of startups, scale-ups, founders, investors, business leaders, developers, scientists, and other innovators.

Smart tech for a better world

Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, special envoy at StartupDelta, emphasizes the importance of Startup Fest’s overall focus this year: “Smart tech for a better world is absolutely necessary. I think we often underestimate what technology can do for society. Technologies now offer us the opportunity to actually build real solutions, instead of hoping that our politicians will create the context in which these developments can happen. I think that’s the real challenge.” 

Startup Fest Europe is powered by a coalition of partners under the leadership of StartupDelta. ImpactCity is proud to be part of the organizing team.

Selected impact startups and scale-ups are invited to pitch their innovations to an investor jury. Interested? Specifics will be available soon. Keep an eye on our website.