ImpactCity connects impact makers at the Volvo Ocean Race

ImpactCity aims to connect impact makers from all over the world and to facilitate them in The Hague in al kinds of ways. And during the Volvo Ocean Race good steps have been taken. In the Innovation Pavilion, which is part of the Race Village, a large number of impact entrepreneurs showed their innovative solutions for a better future. And during the ImpactCity business event on Thursday 28 June in the port of Scheveningen, entrepreneurs, NGOs and governments came together to enjoy the stories of inspiring impact speakers. A visual report of a sunny day.

But first of all: we would like to thank all participants of the ImpactCity business event at the Volvo Ocean Race! Because your stories and insights give us inspiration once again to innovate for a better world.

The speakers during the ImpactCity business event were: Saskia Bruines (Alderman for Education, Knowledge Economy, International), Mark Nelson (Peace Innovation Institute), Pieter Paul van Oerle (The Next Web), Leila Janah (CEO, Samasource) and Brian Gharibaan (The Hague Tech).

Interaction with the visitors

There was no time to lay back during the event. Using Buzzmaster, it became clear what the challenges are for existing corporates in the field of innovation, social impact and cooperation with startups. For example, 37% of those present indicated that his or her organization wants to connect with the start-up ecosystem, but fails to do so. Reason for ImpactCity to continue to invest heavily in programs, meeting places and events for crossovers between startups, governments, international companies, institutions, NGOs, UN, knowledge centers and thousands of small creative entrepreneurs. This way we are strong together and we inspire each other and others with the beautiful initiatives within The Hague.

Left: in which area do you think your company is ahead in the game? Right: In which area do you think your company is loosing the game?


Keynote speakers and the Innovation Pavilon at the Volvo Ocean Race