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Joining forces to stop child labor in Mica mines

On Thursday 13 December front runners in the impact ecosystem came together in Apollo 14 to contribute the challenge to stop child labor in Mica mines in India. Terre des Hommes and ImpactCity join forces with the specialists from Q42, ZINC, Deloitte to find innovative solutions to identify children who work in de mica mines and to improve the traceability of the mica material throughout the supply chain.

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20.000 children

The mica project of Terre des Hommes is run by Thangam Ponpandi, country director India at Terre des Hommes: “Thousands of children work in the mica mines. Day in day out they mine this raw material and risk of getting fatal lung diseases. They work in the sweltering sun and they don’t go to school. This must stop. We are very much open to pilot any innovation that will make a positive impact in the lives of these children.”

Leaders of the impact ecosystem join forces to come up with innovative solutions to stop child labor in Mica mines. Joining Thursday 13 December was Q42. This company launched the initiative Hack the Planet taking on global challenges using pragmatic tech. Also joining is ZINC (Zero Invisible Children), a foundation launched by successful impact scaleup Tykn, that uses blockchain technology to capture the identity of people. Also participating is a specialist from the Deloitte blockchain team.