Counting down to this year’s Innovating Justice Forum:

"Our startup finalists approach global issues in an entrepreneurial way"

The The Hague Institution for Innovation of Law (HiiL) is counting down to its 8th annual Innovating Justice Forum, taking place in the Peace Palace on 7 December. The event brings together some of the world’s best justice innovators working in the most challenging environments. We checked in with HiiL’s Sandra Van der Pal to hear their latest.

HiiL forms a community of determined people who are passionate about social impact by focusing on justice innovation and access to justice worldwide. “We are dedicated justice change catalysts. We see ourselves as friendly rebels who have the courage, wisdom and creativity to help provide for the justice needs of people around the world. We have a strong action orientation and can be qualified as stubborn optimists,” Sandra Van der Pal, Justice Accelerator Outreach Agent at HiiL, says.

Fifteen justice innovation startups

Fifteen justice innovation startups will be pitching their groundbreaking concepts at their annual flagship event, the Innovating Justice Forum. “This year, we received over six hundred applications. Fifty nominees have pitched their ideas in local ‘boostcamps’ in six different locations around the world. The fifteen remaining finalists will be sharing their ideas at the Peace Palace in The Hague on 7 December,” Sandra says.

“The Innovating Justice Forum is part of something bigger. It helps us in our overarching mission to break down justice barriers worldwide” – Sandra Van der Pal, Justice Accelerator Outreach Agent at HiiL

What’s more, four high-level justice leaders will be attending this year’s forum. In an opening panel discussion that goes by the title of “Breaking Barriers to Justice Innovation by Justice Leaders”, Assistant Minister and Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), H.E. Mr. Abdulla A.J. Al-Majid, will share his experiences in breaking barriers to justice innovation. Al-Majid is responsible for formulating strategies and driving the UAE Ministry of Justice’s modernization efforts. In addition, Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Mali, H.E. Mr. Mamadou Ismaël Konaté, will share his experiences on the topic. At the end of the day, the two of them will be joined by Chief Justice of Uganda, Honorary Justice Bart M. Katureebe, and Former Chief Justice of Kenya, Dr. Willy Mutunga, for a closing panel discussion.

Excelling together at the Innovating Justice Forum

The event helps them and their partners to excel together. “In the framework of the forum, we are continuously scouting for justice innovations that can potentially improve access to justice around the world. At the annual forum, we bring them altogether and add some brilliant minds from the public sector, private sector and academia to the mix,” she explains.

“Our startup finalists demonstrate that it’s perfectly possible to approach the global issues of our day and age in an entrepreneurial way,” Sandra emphasizes. “They show us that solutions are possible in a functioning business model that allows them to make a profit.”

Breaking down barriers

HiiL’s long-term goal is that, by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. “We hold our annual Innovating Justice Forum because we believe it will help us reach this goal. Through innovation, barriers to justice can be broken, and access to justice for millions can become a tangible reality. The forum is part of something bigger. It helps us in our overarching mission to break down justice barriers worldwide,” according to Sandra.

Interested to learn more? This year’s Innovating Justice Forum takes place at the Peace Palace on 7 December. Have a look at the detailed program. Also keep an eye on HiiL’s website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.