Student | Smeltkroes

Smeltkroes is a catering company that turns former refugees into chefs! (Female) refugees can prepare all kinds of healthy meals from their home countries and we think these talents can be used in a good way.

The new chefs prepare their family recipes to create fresh, healthy delivery- and take away meals. Every meal gets a personal touch and the story behind the meal is shared with the customer. By ordering food at Smeltkroes you contribute to a better integration of refugees in the Netherlands in an accessible way. Refugees can develop new skills, expand their network and discover the city, while the native Dutch are introduced to all kinds of authentic and traditional dishes from all over the world. Above all, food brings people together and creates a new cultural connections!

Idea owners: Gilberto Morishaw, Laura van Bellen, Levi Verschoof and David Mogendorff (students at Leiden University).