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UPWEAR is a fashion brand that transforms fashion waste into the UPTOP, a basic item needed in every women’s wardrobe.


We are UPWEAR, a sustainable fashion brand launched by three young entrepreneurs, rethinking the fashion industry for a fair and positive impact. Our first product is the UPTOP, a women’s tank-top, designed in three different fits, for various body shapes. We solve two major problems in the fashion industry, textile waste and unethical labour. The UPTOP uses processed textile waste as material and a local social workshop as the producer of the UPTOP. Whilst doing so, we create full transparency in our supply chains.

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To avoid having our UPTOP becoming waste itself, UPWEAR provides its consumers with an easy way to recycle their worn garments. By offering our UPTOP for a price that includes a small deposit, customers are encouraged to return their worn garments. Doing so, enables UPWEAR’s waste to be taken back into the production process. This way, our customers experience a guilt-free shopping experience and have a sustainable alternative for a garment that is worn with any outfit and gets renewed at an alarming rate.

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We at UPWEAR hope you will help us to create a circular motion in the lifespan of textiles. One that is timeless and tailored to your needs, but takes responsibility for its production. Each vote will bring us and the world closer to a more sustainable fashion industry. Join us in this movement and help to create more publicity for our brand,  providing our product with the opportunity to become better and cheaper. From here, we can only go up.



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Ferdi Mintes, Michelle Hahn, Anouk Borsboom