Launching Verum || The alternative to excessive coffee consumption

People around the world are becoming more aware by the day, resulting in habits being reconsidered. In times of crisis, we often see this process gaining momentum. Awareness in relation to what we eat and drink, is mainly expressed in the many alternatives to meat and milk products. People are more concerned with the health and well-being of the planet.


This trend is noticeable throughout the food world, and also applies to coffee. More than half of the Dutch population consume too much caffeine due to excessive coffee consumption. If this awareness increases and coffee follows the trend of meat and milk, we can expect many alternatives in the future. One of these new alternatives was launched today by start-up Verum Drinks from The Hague.

For most people, coffee is an important part of a morning ritual. People experience an energetic feeling and are ready to start the day. Caffeine provides this positive feeling, but there are also disadvantages to caffeine. For example, it blocks adenosine in the brain. Adenosine is the sleep molecule that tells the brain to sleep or rest. In more than half of the Dutch, this message is not sufficiently sent to the brain, which can lead to sleep deprivation and long-term chronic fatigue. This can result in a circle and dependency on coffee and the blocking of adosine to feel awake.

In the coffee world you can find alternatives such as the well-known decaf coffee. The downside of these is that most people miss the energetic effect of coffee. This is something that Crispijn de Koning and Erik Messemaker of Verum Drinks have started working on. The young entrepreneurial duo meticulously worked on the perfect alternative to coffee, which offers the same energetic effects but without the addiction and dependence on caffeine. “There is nothing wrong with coffee, the problem is the average consumption and the negative effects that we unknowingly experience in the quality of our lives. ”

The Verum men have been developing their product for over a year. A product that must compete with an established product such as coffee cannot simply be thrown together. Therefore they have worked closely with scientists and star chefs to achieve the right balance of ingredients and the right taste. Today – on July 16 – they launch the new product: Verum.

Verum contains plant extracts such as the Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha and EnXtra ™ from the Alpinia Galanga that immediately create a positive feeling in body and mind, such as extra energy, improved concentration and a strengthened memory. In addition, Verum contains many vitamins and minerals that make up 25 percent of the general daily amount. It is a completely natural product, gluten-free and vegan.

How it tastes? Crispijn: “The taste is somewhere in between coffee and cocoa. Because it also contains some ginger, it is a drink with strength and spice to it.”

Curious? Until July 31 you can order with a 20% launch discount on