Meet Get Chef’s - winner of Startup in Residence The Hague 2018

We’ve all been there: business lunches. Some colleagues forgot to come, or the purchaser was a bit too generous when ordering. What to do with the leftovers? Well, let’s throw them in the trash. Not very durable and quite a waste: every year, huge amounts of food are just thrown away. How can we stop wasting food after business lunches? Get Chef’s, a social enterprise, is the winning participant of this challenge from Startup in Residence The Hague 2018. Read all about ‘doing good and doing business’ by this impact entrepreneur.

Recent research shows that 31.6% of food is still wasted during organized lunch meetings. Get Chef’s is a pioneer in the field of food waste and has the ambition to prevent food waste at corporate and municipality canteens. By including the external costs of food, consumers become aware of the actual costs of food and the choices they make.

How does Get Chef’s solution work?

Originally Get Chef’s works for restaurants on the one hand and consumers on the other. Via the Get Chef’s app, restaurants have the opportunity to offer dishes to consumers that would otherwise be wasted. And a small amount is donated to the Food Bank per transaction.

However, this challenge requires a different approach. Get Chef’s has therefore developed a web-based application for efficient and simple ordering of lunches by employees of the Municipality of The Hague. As individuals consciously select their own lunch, they will never order too much. And you are aware of the external costs, because you are informed about the CO2 footprint and the climate damage of your order. If you cancel your meeting, your lunch will also be automatically canceled.

With the help of Get Chef’s application, both food waste and associated food costs can be significantly reduced.

The founding of Get Chef’s

Bruce Westeneng, one of the founders of Get Chef’s, gained experience with loyalty programs for recreation. Consumers that go to a park during off peak hours receive a discount, also named yield management. One of the other founders was more concerned with catering, where food waste was a big problem. With the Get Chef’s platform, they saw an opportunity to offer leftover food from restaurants to consumers for lower prices. This way, food would not be lost.

The experiences at Startup in Residence

Get Chef’s has already participated in a number of programs. For Bruce, Startup in Residence The Hague is a very useful experience: “You can learn a lot. We have already participated in a similar program, but we had to reinvent everything. This program is really focused on the way your company works, and how it can be improved”.

The goal, of course, is to actually use the application at the municipality. Bruce: “We can deploy our platform in several ways. The municipality is a large institution where sustainability plays an important role. Using our application, both food waste and the associated costs will be reduced. But with one product you can not stop food waste completely. You need multiple parties for this and these are often difficult to reach. The municipality has access to various parties and is, therefore, an interesting partner for us”.

Good luck to Get Chef’s, and we hope for a sustainable lunch without any waste!