This is where the magic happens:

De Besturing

Sure, The Hague can be rough around its edges. De Besturing is a great example of how it looks and feels. It’s a beautiful creative work space that is located in the harbor, directly opposite of a concrete factory, which makes for great industrial views. 

De Besturing houses 28 studio spaces, inhabited by a great variety of creatives since 2006. Among them are artists, architects, furniture makers, designers, photographers, and filmmakers. The multidisciplinary and creative character of the user community holds for an inspiring environment. All spaces have been designed and decorated in unconventional ways and add greatly to the overall identity and atmosphere at De Besturing.

Originally, De Besturing started off as a temporary project. The building was scheduled to be demolished and the city offered creative professionals the opportunity to use the space for the time being. Due to the success of the concept and its added value for the City of The Hague, it is now here to stay.