Meet Intellecap:

"Emerging markets offer the biggest potential for innovation"

Were honored to collaborate with Intellecap at this year’s Impact Startup Fest. The India-based international impact organization is a true pioneer in building and scaling high impact enterprises around the world. Be sure to come hear their insights at Impact Startup Fest later this month.

“We are excited to be part of Impact Startup Fest,” Stefanie Bauer, associate partner at Intellecap, says. “Our objective is two-fold. We hope to be the gateway to emerging markets, by helping European startups navigate the realities of the Indian market. Alternatively, we hope to immerse our network in the Dutch ecosystem, and help our foreign enterprises to get their feet on the ground in Europe.”

Building bridges

Intellecap was founded fifteen years ago. Since then, it has been on a mission to find the most promising high impact startups and empower them through offering a wealth of meaningful services. “We have a footprint in India, but now have offices in Africa and Southeast Asia, too,” Stefanie emphasizes Intellecap’s global focus.

“Startups from India and other emerging markets want to enter the European arena, but have a hard time navigating the territory,” Stefanie explains. “That’s why we build bridges between the European, Indian and African markets, to help startups to have a soft landing once they take the leap.”

“Real leapfrogging is happening in India. It is promising to see the disruption that happens here” – Stefanie Bauer, associate partner at Intellecap

In collaboration with the City of The Hague, Intellecap has been building what they call a “corridor program” that will enable startups to explore new markets. “We are now piloting the program with several enterprises and will bring some of them to Impact Startup Fest in The Hague at the end of the month,” Stefanie says.

Emerging markets: Rebuilding whole systems

There is a lot we can learn from the Indian context. “In India, real leapfrogging is happening when it comes to leveraging technology,” Stefanie says. “Seeing the kind of disruption that happens here in India is a promising sight.”

“The bigger innovation potential is in emerging markets,” Stefanie adamantly says. “Because often, there are no established systems, it is far easier to actually rebuild whole systems from the bottom up.”

Changing lives

AgroStar offers us a great example of what leapfrogging means in practice,” she adds. Indian startup AgroStar aims to simplify the agri-business experience for rural farmers in India. “Technically, they are the ‘Amazon’ for the rural farmer. They enable farmers to acquire quality fertilizer and real-time solutions through a mobile-based technology platform that is easily accessible.”

AgroStar started off as a small enterprise and is now raising $50 million in capital, in addition to drastically impacting the Indian agri-business. “I consider it proof that technology can indeed change the lives of masses of people in developing countries,” she adds.

Interested to hear more? Come meet Intellecap at Impact Startup Fest. They are hosting a series of workshops that are invaluable for startups aspiring to expand to other markets. Also, startup AgroStar will be one of our guests this year. They will share insights about their success story on stage at Impact Startup Fest on 26 September. Buy your tickets now.