Meet TekDelta:

"Together, startups and corporates can achieve so much more"

“Wouldn’t it be great if tech startups could reach out to a broad range of corporates? If they could acquire access to networks and expertise?” TekDelta founder Anita Lieverdink explains this is now reality.

TekDelta is a joint initiative of Dutch corporates and research organization TNO, in collaboration with the startup community. It fosters connections between tech startups and high-tech organizations. And in doing so, it helps startups solve technological challenges by mobilizing the knowledge and facilities of the Dutch R&D ecosystem.

Uncharted territory

Its founding partners joined hands in 2016. They came to the joint conclusion that technological support and easy access to corporate networks is still largely lacking from the support ecosystem that exists for startups. “Startups are enormously important to our overall economy,” Anita Lieverdink explains, “but in order to be able to scale, they need the right networks and technological support.”

That’s why TekDelta focuses on forging connections between startups and corporates. “Facilitating connections between the two domains is the most important first step. Once contact has been established, it becomes far easier for startups to take the leap into uncharted territory.”

TekDelta finds the right match

TekDelta explicitly focuses on the needs of the startup as its starting point. “Corporates have plenty of resources to scout startups to collaborate with. But for startups, it is difficult and time-consuming to find the right match. TekDelta facilitates this matchmaking in a fast, free, and friendly way,” according to Anita Lieverdink.

She invites startups to get in touch when they want to be connected to corporate expertise. TekDelta then contacts a series of key persons in its extended network to determine an appropriate collaborative match. Within two weeks of the original request, a meeting with at least one relevant corporate partner is established.

“Our experience to date demonstrates that collaboration between startups and corporates boosts their business,” Anita Lieverdink emphasizes the importance of her work. “Together, we can achieve so much more.”

If you’re a tech startup and are eager to collaborate with a corporate, TekDelta invites you to get in touch and explore opportunities.