Meet TrustTester - winner of Startup in Residence The Hague 2018

In this next episode of small blogs about the winning participants of Startup in Residence The Hague 2018, we take a look at TrustTester’s solution for “Voting without borders”. What is the business idea and what drives Arjan van Diemen in doing good and doing business? Read all about safe online voting based on new, patented technology.

TrustTester Solutions is the winner of the challenge “Voting without borders”, a challenge that asked startups to develop a solution for a digital and secure voting process whereby Dutch citizens living abroad can receive their voting documents in time to participate at Dutch elections. Arjan van Diemen developed innovative, widely applicable and easy to use software that enables one to validate information in a quick, efficient and secure way without sharing data.

Arjan van Diemen: “Our solution makes digital online voting possible. We guarantee that the elections process is safe, secure and user-friendly. We also realize a reduction of the organization costs of the elections. Besides that we foresee that we can also activate more Dutch citizens who live abroad to vote because we make participation in the election process easily accessible”. This sounds good, but how does it actually work?

Patented technology

TrustTester combines a patented algorithm (Innovated with TNO) with a system of agreements that together enables organizations to validate the information provided in an online process or the blockchain. The patented algorithm in combination with the Secure Data Comparing protocol secures that the solution is Zero Knowledge Proof. The TrustTester solution is fully GDPR compliant and helps organizations also to lower the impact of GDPR regulation on their organization. In simple terms: information is checked thoroughly and automatically without actually seeing what’s inside.

This results in more efficient and fewer offline control processes for organizations and the opportunity to serve customers better by introducing new services. Arjan van Diemen: “For the SIR challenge ‘Voting without borders’ we used our underlying patented technology to build the StemVeilig software solution.”

What is StemVeilig?

With StemVeilig (Vote Safely), TrustTester guarantees quick, secure, and easily accessible digital elections. “This challenge fits perfectly on the platform we have built and we are convinced that with our solution we can improve the current voting process. By making the voting process more user-friendly, we can contribute by activating voters to vote. A nice extra for the client is that we can reduce the costs of organizing elections with StemVeilig. The municipality of The Hague as an innovative municipality would be a wonderful reference for our innovative solution.”

Experience during Startup in Residence

“During the development of the TrustTester, I have spoken with many customers and I was able to test the solution. The Startup in Residence programme enables you to view your original assumptions from a different angle. What really helped me is the knowledge and experience of the mentors who continuously work with you to improve the solution, strategy, and communication. And: also assign the right priority to this. All in all, very motivating and valuable.”

About TrustTester

Arjan van Diemen, with a background in IBM and TNO, has developed a smart technology to validate information in a secure way. Privacy-by-design and Security-by-design were the default starting points for the development of the technology and solution. Market research has shown that there are many possibilities for applying this smart technology in various market segments. After testing with potential customers, he decided to set up the startup TrustTester Solutions.

The world and what people do is increasingly supported and driven by software. This creates the possibility to deliver an unrivaled number of different services by and for individuals and organizations. As we are all connected with everybody, everything, anywhere and anytime, a large amount of data is collected. This collected data becomes visible in relation to almost all aspects of life. More and more advanced analysis is applied to this collected data. And people realize more often, that this data about you and your activities on the internet, is being viewed, analyzed and sold by companies that collect data. More and more people are finding this undesirable.

“Finding the right balance between taking advantage of these technological developments and the protection of personal data – that is why we have developed the TrustTester Solutions,” says Arjan. It is Arjan’s ambition to help organizations to become a more trustworthy, sustainable business, using all technological opportunities but with respect for the individual by protecting personal data.