Border Sessions is coming to town:

"We unite creative minds that view technology as an instrument for change"

At the end of the month, the Border Sessions festival will spread its energy across town. Border Sessions is an annual technology festival and year-round lab that focuses on technology for society. We checked in with co-founder Michel Behre.

“We make an effort to gather different people that are doing vastly different things in their lives. People love it. It energizes them in altogether new ways,” Michel explains. That’s why the festival is of an explicit multidisciplinary nature.

Every edition of the Border Sessions festival offers an opportunity to meet new partners and collect new experiences and ideas. “Participants discuss their work, merge their networks, tinker with new instruments and materials, celebrate their successes, and launch their next missions,” he says.

“After successfully connecting professionals to each other, they can get right to work” – Michel Behre, co-founder at Border Sessions festival

Finding inspiration

That’s how the festival aims to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas and hopes to turn them into actual projects. “We aim to unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology is a powerful instrument for positive change.”

The Border Sessions founders found their inspiration at South by Southwest, or SXSW in short, the annual conference that celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. And actually met there, too. “Although we are both from The Hague, we actually met in Texas, at SXSW, and hit it off right away,” Michel says.

Getting to work

Border Sessions focuses on catering to a professional crowd, rather than the public at large. “After successfully connecting professionals to each other, they can get right to work. This is the great added value of a professional festival,” Michel says.

Border Sessions has a large scope and focuses on a range of topics. “There is skepticism about our approach. Some people feel that it lacks focus. But we are staunch believers. There are great advantages to not narrowing down your scope,” Michel explains their rationale.

This year’s Border Sessions festival takes place from 28 thru 30 June in downtown The Hague. It brings together a community of 1,200+ thinkers, designers, scientists, makers, business developers, and innovators. The program offers a multi-disciplinary program that features over 120 speakers and 6 labs.

Photo via Visualhunt