Micreos winner ‘Ideas from Europe’

The Hague biotechnology company Micreos is the winner of the European competition ‘Ideas from Europe’. Out of 12 participants, they were elected on April 24th 2018 in the Ridderzaal as the company with the most interesting innovation in Europe. The participating companies were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

Micreos’ alternative to antibiotics, which products already help many people with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne, was labeled as the winner. They presented their innovation during a pitch for a live audience.

Micreos CEO Mark Offerhaus is pleased with the first place: “Antibiotic resistance is a huge and growing problem worldwide. With our technology it is possible for the first time to kill only the bad bacteria and leave the good – which are essential for our health – in peace. We already help many people with skin conditions and diabetic wound infections, caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, including the resistant MRSA. But we are only at the beginning. ”

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About Ideas from Europe

Ideas from Europe is a European platform that promotes the development of ideas for issues with major social and economic consequences. The platform started in November 2017 in Estonia, during the European presidency of this country. The idea behind Ideas from Europe is that relevant breakthroughs will reach the public more quickly if a large group of people communicate widely about it. Read more about Ideas from Europe.

About Micreos

Micreos develops endolysin- and phage technology that enables targeted killing of only unwanted bacteria. The company is considered the leader in this exciting new field. Micreos runs its own production and R&D centre for endolysins in Bilthoven (Human Health) and for phages ( food safety) in Wageningen. The company works together with ETH Zurich and numerous medical and technology centres, including Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), Public Health Lab Kennemerland, the Dutch Burn Centres (Beverwijk) and many others. Read more about Micreos.