Millennial Cities Ranking:

The Hague is a millennial dream destination

Each year, students and young professionals flock from their hometowns to the city to find work and housing. But which cities are actually most suited to millennials? Nestpick studied this question thoroughly, with interesting results. The Hague’s ranking demonstrates that the city has a lot in store for millennials.

Revitalizing effect

Millennials are often defined by their affinity with technology, their entrepreneurial mindset, and the revitalizing effect their presence has on urban life. That’s why cities have an interest in drawing them in.

“They travel more at a younger age than any of the generations that preceded them. This gives them the opportunity to search out the city that caters to their needs best,” Ömer Kücükdere, managing director at Nestpick, explains. “With aging populations, cities have a great interest in catering to millennials’ desires.”

Determining dream destinations

Nestpick studied a great number of cities to handpick one hundred millennial dream destinations. They then ranked them to compile their Millennial Cities Ranking. A great variety of factors determine how cities rank. Amongst others, cities must have a thriving business ecosystem, allow affordable access to the essentials that young people need to survive, have a sense of openness and tolerance, and offer opportunities for millennials to kick back and relax.

The Hague accommodates millennials’ needs

The Hague finishes 14th in the overall ranking. It finishes 8th when exclusively looking at cities that have less than one million inhabitants. The Hague scores particularly high on its LGBT-friendliness as a result of local legislation and social acceptance and inclusion. The Hague also scores distinctly high in terms of its festival score. This ranking is based on the number of annual music festivals per capita.

Other factors that helped up The Hague’s overall score are related to access to and quality of public transportation, the number of Apple Stores per capita as an indicator of the technological engagement of the overall population, gender equality, and immigration tolerance.

Compatibility with millennials’ wishes

Nestpick is a Berlin-based online housing platform. It allows tenants to search and book mid- to long-term rental properties online, without the need for in-person viewings.

“At Nestpick, we help people of all ages to relocate to some of the world’s most exciting cities. This has offered us key insights into the migration patterns of millennials. It has also build our understanding of the criteria that cities have to meet in order to be compatible with millennials’ wishes,” according to Nestpick.