We're proud to announce:

113 startup solutions to kickstart Sint Maarten

On 6 September, hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, ripped through Sint Maarten and caused unimaginable damage. Lives were lost and 91% of the buildings suffered damage of which one third is completely destroyed. In ImpactCity The Hague, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, knowledge institutions and humanitarian organisations like the Netherlands Red Cross are working hard to improve the impact of humanitarian assistance. To help kickstart Sint Maarten, StartupDelta launched its quest for startup solutions for Sint Maarten at Impact Startup Fest last September.

Together with the Red Cross, Open House, InnoFest, ImpactCity, DCHI and the Ministeries of Defence and Internal Affairs, we selected a number of startups that could contribute to building Sint Maarten back better – more resilient, more sustainable, smarter, and cleaner. We are proud to present the bidbook featuring more than 100 startup solutions to kickstart Sint Maarten.

We hope all the people and organizations that are involved in the recovery of Sint Maarten will be inspired by these startup solutions and include them in their plans and projects. That way, we give these startups the opportunity to prove their worth and, more importantly, help kickstart Sint Maarten.

Download the bidbook.