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Code Like a Girl!

Pro coders from Craft Academy are coming all the way from Sweden and bringing a female Coach in Programming at the next World Startup Factory Afterwork.

That is why this time World Startup Factory gives the first row to the ladies, and call it Code Like A Girl workshop! Guys are still welcome to join.

The focus is on People and Technology, and the Afterwork is aimed at everyone who is interested in how the relationship between people is affected by the digitization, but also want to get a useful introduction to programming.


The workshop is 2 hours (including a short break) and alternates between theory, philosophy, technical demos, and hands-on exercises.


The workshop starts with a theory session which introduces the participators to possible problems which emerge during debates and conversations on social media. Issues like fake news, propaganda, cyber hate, and other problematic behaviors. The main issue that will be discussed is how technology could be used to counteract that kind of undesirable behavior. Demonstration:
In this part of the workshop, the participants will get the possibility to see how a digital solution is built from scratch. The hosts will walk through the process of building a web-based service/app, and how it can be used to moderate text- and picture posts.


During the hands-on part of the course, you will simulate the development of a chat service. The participants will be split into smaller groups with 2-3 people, and will (with instructions) build a web-based service that lets them chat online. The main feature is an automatic moderator that will flag text- and picture posts with explicit content.

What to bring:

Laptops, better is charged!

Please note that the seats at the workshop are limited to 10-15 persons, so please be quick to reserve a spot!