The Hague Humanity Hub

Towards a common processes and practices

The Spindle and the Hague Humanity Hub have joined forces to organise a series of inspirational working sessions for our mutual communities! In these aptly named “Future Sessions”, we’ll explore the relevance of trends in innovation for the future of development cooperation. They are high in energy and always involve the input and unique perspective from an expert in his or her field. On June 25 we focus on the core of the innovation process:

Innovation has become an imperative for the development sector, but how do we produce a steady flow of well-designed solutions? This goal a very hard to reach when clear parameters for successful innovation are lacking.

The usual approach to fulfill the need for well-designed solutions is to engage in lots of experimentation – often involving great risks and a success rate that is unpredictable. So how does innovation effectively address a problem, evidence its impact, and has the potential to be scaled?

Learning from the outcomes of the Humanitarian Action Challenge, an innovative challenge connecting Businesses and NGOs, Thomas Baar (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University), with the facilitative help of experienced social innovator Mariken Gaanderse, will focus on common challenges in innovation during this session. Together with you, he will discuss how this relates to your experiences and how to set up standards to make our innovation processes more accountable and more responsible.

Thomas will share with you the challenges and successes at different stages of the innovation journey, take a deep dive into the learnings of the brand new Humanitarian Innovation Guide and inspire you with its further developments.

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