Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis

Webinar #2: Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis – Data & AI

Data analytics & AI have featured largely in the healthcare industry’s front line of defense against COVID-19. Researchers have leveraged these tools to do everything from tracking hospital capacity to identifying high-risk patients, and many believe that these technologies are critical to preparing for similar situations in the future, be it for surveillance, monitoring or diagnostics. Data & AI will also play a crucial role in areas beyond healthcare, like digital government, neighbourhood economies and smart cities as various organisations navigate the ongoing crisis.

We discuss how policy makers, industry experts and businesses, especially startups have been at the forefront of developing solutions related to covid 19 crisis. The audience will have a chance to interact with the speakers. By doing so, we learn from each other and provide an opportunity to form strategic Indo-Dutch ties!

We welcome you to become part of our bottom-up community backing creative and entrepreneurial members to play their role as game changers.

Programme for Tuesday 26 May

11:00 – 12:30 | Central European Time
14:30 – 16:00 | Indian Standard time

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Turning the world right-side up once again

In the last weeks, the world has been turned upside-down. As institutions and societal norms are challenged during the viral pandemic and by the chain of events that will arise because of it, we have the chance to change the ways communities interact, stay healthy, distribute goods, ensure stable economies, and even how we work, learn, and play.

We believe entrepreneurship is a crucial element for positive change in these times. And even more important is uniting impact-driven leaders, innovation managers and investors in our society behind this cause. While there’s still a long way to go to survive the crisis and also tackle its after effects, we must not forget to celebrate the small wins and further encourage collaborative innovation along the way. This is why we are creating this webinar series that will bring together communities from across the globe on a common platform, in order to achieve a resilient society.

The Netherlands Embassy & Consulate Generals in India together with the World Startup are joining hands with multiple stakeholders such as the Government of India, Startup India, state governments, C-CAMP, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Philips and many more organizations to build a Resilient Society. It is a bottom-up initiative which unites governments, universities, startups, creatives, SME’s and corporates to jointly work on solutions for response, recovery and future growth. We support multi-stakeholder teams to develop concrete solutions, while connecting to an international community to learn and share insights.

Various partners from India and the Netherlands will come together and delve into thematic areas through a series of webinars that will be organized in the months of May and June.

A webinar series to exchange thoughts, celebrate small wins and create cross-border collaboration