Looking back at ImpactCity in 2017:

"We look forward to pushing for impact in the new year"

The new year is just around the corner, and what a year it has been! In 2017, startups, innovators, investors and many cross-overs focused on doing business & doing good, once more enabled us to jointly push The Hague’s impact economy forward. Throughout the year, we’ve highlighted impactful The Hague-based initiatives on ImpactCity.nl. So how did we make impact in 2017? Let us share some highlights.

Apollo14 has landed

With this milestone, we’re a step closer in matching the high demand for vibrant office space in startup hub Binckhaven. Q42 is looking forward to its move and meet its new neighbors. If you haven’t signed up for a unit yet, you can register here. On the 25th of January, you can join for a sneak preview and of course share your ideas to make this your ideal spot.

Tech for good & maritime expertise

Geert Verhoeff and Brian Gharibaan aim to bring people together to do business while doing good. At surfing school and meeting place The Shore, Geert inspires surf-minded guests to live and do business sustainably. Equally, Brian sees enormous potential in The Hague for technology to change society and therefore started The Hague Tech, where he aims to connect tech pioneers.

Access to capital & networks

Collaborating and connecting is the way forward. That’s what Impact Startup Fest has shown us, too. As keynote speaker, Steve Ellis presented how The Rise Fund increases the impact of small startups with financial injections.


But change does not come easily. We need to dare to take risks and experiment. To ignite promising startups, various pushes were given to stimulate prototyping in terms of pre-seed money, accessible European tender procedures, Horizon2020 grants and launching customers, like Startup AcceleratorStartup in Residence, the first Get Funded! program, and the The Hague Innovators Challenge. Have you voted for your favorite nominee?

Impact made visible

And last but not least, we had some great announcements, among others the launch of the bookazine Welcome to ImpactCityThe Hague.

We checked in with the City of The Hague’s deputy mayor Karsten Klein, who has made the development of the city’s startup ecoystem a key priority in the current municipal executive body. This is what the municipality of The Hague has been aiming for, according to Karsten Klein. He says, “It is a great honor to contribute to translating The Hague’s unique DNA as international city of peace and justice into meaningful economic opportunities. The Hague has a great story to tell.”

“For over a hundred years, people here have been working on innovations for a better world. The union of doing business and doing good is unprecedented in The Hague. I am proud that The Hague is the first ImpactCity in the world. We are continuously putting resources towards making sure The Hague’s startup ecosystem will continue to be the launchpad we envision it to be,” he adds.

Anna Menenti, program manager at the City of The Hague’s Impact Economy startup program, explains, “The past decades have indicated that it is small enterprises in particular that are able to bring real innovation to existing and altogether new business domains. The resourcefulness and versatility that characterizes these companies pave the way for increased employment and productivity.”

She adds, “Through their products and services, such enterprises are able to tackle complex societal issues, including those related to climate change, infrastructure, and an aging population. Since 2015, we have been able to foster access to networks and launching customers, capital including pre-seed money, office space, talent, and visibility. We believe these are fundamental growth pillars, which we will continue to build on in the years to come.”

Will you make impact with us in 2018? Share your story, accept the challenge, join the community of impact makers. In short, let’s do business & do good!