Press release:

The Hague Tech signs partnership agreement with San Francisco-based The Vault

Press release by The Hague Tech:
The Hague Tech signs partnership agreement with San Francisco-based The Vault

The Hague, 28 September 2017 – The Hague-based tech community The Hague Tech has signed a partnership agreement with The Vault, a San Francisco-based tech community. Both parties have committed to exchanging three promising, internationally oriented startups in 2018.

“We hope our collaboration will connect the networks in both cities,” The Hague Tech co-founder Brian Gharibaan comments. “As of now, our community members can use our co-working and event spaces in both cities. What’s more, we are preparing to offer joint training programs to investors, corporate teams, government, and startups. Also, we look forward to facilitating access to Silicon Valley investor networks to our Dutch members.”

“As a result of the high quality of life and the availability of affordable housing, the City of The Hague offers a perfect gateway to companies that aspire to enter the European market. Moreover, the work spaces, location and network of The Hague Tech match the needs of our ecosystem perfectly,” Kevin Smith, founder at The Vault, says. “We aim to complement existing local knowledge and facilities in The Hague by sharing our programs, our West Coast network, and our unique Silicon Valley culture. We look forward to collaborating and welcoming The Hague Tech community members to California.”

The Hague Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines, the city’s alderman for the knowledge economy, international affairs, youth and education, was present at the signing of the agreement. She applauded the collaboration and international exchange program on behalf of the municipality: “As international city of peace and justice, The Hague has an interest in international collaborations that can contribute to promising propositions in the areas of peace and technology. Startups and scale-ups have an important contribution to make here. What’s more, it’s in line with the fact that our city is increasingly becoming the preferred business location for young and innovative tech companies.”