Press release:

Launch of Startup Solutions for Sint Maarten at Impact Startup Fest

Press release by StartupDelta:
Startup Solutions for Sint Maarten: a large-scale effort to incorporate Dutch startups’ innovation capacity into the recovery of Sint Maarten

The Hague, 26 September 2017 – In a joint effort, Constantijn Van Oranje (StartupDelta) and Martijn Wijnen (Vice-Chief of Defence) call on startups to contribute their innovative strength for a smart and swift recovery of the island of Sint Maarten.

Wide range of involvement

The ‘Startup Solutions for Sint Maarten’ initiative was launched at Impact Startup Fest. The initiative calls on startups to volunteer their thoughts on the recovery of Sint Maarten. After a preselection by StartupDelta, useful proposals and ideas will be further elaborated on by the startups and stakeholders involved. Startup Solutions Sint Maarten is organized in consultation with the Dutch National Coordinator for Reconstruction, the Netherlands Red Cross, and the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Additionally, organizations that are specialized in humanitarian innovation are involved, such as Open House, DCHI (Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation), and ImpactCity.

Innovative solutions for recovery of Sint Maarten

Constantijn Van Oranje: “Startups can meaningfully contribute to the great challenges that lie ahead in the process of recovery. What’s more, they are perfectly positioned to help organize the recovery efforts more effectively. We have seen startups contribute significantly in the field of emergency relief already. For example, by way of SuperSola’s solar panels and Team 510’s drones. We are keen to expose the smart solutions that startups have to offer. At all events of the nationwide StartupFest this week, we will dwell on Sint Maarten and encourage startups to come up with ideas and offer their help.”

StartupFest Europe: ‘Global Challenges, Startup Solutions’

From 25-28 September, the Netherlands is the epicenter for meetings between international startups, scale-ups, investors, scientists, managers, and other innovators. Participants meet in different locations around the country. StartupFest Europe brings together over 1,000 European startups and connects them to over $100 billion in investment capital, both from private investors and multinationals. This year’s StartupFest Europe’s theme is ‘Global Challenges, Startup Solutions’. Startup Solutions for Sint Maarten serves as a test case of how young technical companies can contribute to resolving big global challenges.