Looking back at Impact Startup Fest 2016:

"There's no reason we cannot compete with Silicon Valley"

Impact Startup Fest 2016 was a great success. It’s the first festival in the City of The Hague at which impact and entrepreneurship are explicitly connected. Startups, investors, local government, developers, and NGOs came together to set the agenda and discuss concepts for further development of the impact economy.

Some pictures have been shared shared already. More pictures are coming.

Prince Constantijn opens Impact Startup Fest

Prince Constantijn opened the celebration of social impact using the words, “We need to become more ambitious. There is no reason to think we cannot compete with Silicon Valley.”

National Social Enterprise Monitor revealed

In her talk, Willemijn Verloop revealed the outcomes of the survey amongst Dutch social enterprises. And the overall results are promising: 83% of the researched enterprises confirm that they are making more impact than ever.

Scale-ups part of the Venture Forum matchmaking track

Several attendants of the conference had set a personal goal for the day. One goal that came up several times: “Looking for investors, venture capital is what we need now to grow big.” And, “I would like to get inspired by other startups, meet investors, and just be here, do not want to miss this chance to interact with other impact makers”.

“Venture capital is what we need now to grow big.”

It’s important to note there were a lot of connections made at the Venture Forum matchmaking track that included many great international impact companies. View the complete list here.

Leila Janah shows an amazing deal of impact

Giving more than 30,000 people worldwide access to digital work, by bringing on board big customers like Microsoft, Google, and Ebay. Get involved in Samasource’s mission.

IDEO director Sean Hewens: “You should not go save the world without design”

“It’s not about me, it’s about what people actually want. So don’t go and fill up computers when primary needs are not filled.”

Investors cracking startup questions

During the startup sessions, every startup was given 10 minutes to explain its concept and ask questions to the crowd. The audience came up with critical questions and next steps were suggested.

Among others, there was Blackshore, Seepje and Karbe.

New ways of working explained and exercised in the workshops

Lija Groenewoud Van Vliet promoting her Next Entrepreneur program, and showing the next way of building your company in her workshop.

New Startup in Residence The Hague program launched

Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague, Karsten Klein, gave an uplifting speech. He urged social enterprises to challenge the city. By way of the Startup in Residence program, the City of The Hague opens its doors to social enterprises.

Illac Diaz inspires many with his Liter of Light project

His project touched more than 350,000 Philippines and is inspiring many more people around the world every day. Check out his project here.

There was time to enjoy the sun, drinks, and local food

An amazing effort by De Besturing to inspire all the 600 attendees with quotes and taglines.

With our social impact community chipping in, spreading the word and making connections, we reached hundreds of thousands of people through our humble but groundbreaking platform here in the The Hague.