Rabobank en ImpactCity announce collaboration:

"When two organizations have a mission that is so similar, then you start a dialogue with each other about how you can strengthen each other"

Rabobank Region The Hague and ImpactCity will start working together. They announced this last week during the Financing Brilliant Solutions event, an official side event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

In this interview with Richard van Maurik, the new director of Business Rabobank Region The Hague, you will find out what motivates Rabobank to become a partner of ImpactCity and what startups and scale-ups benefit from this.

What is Rabobank’s mission/vision/ and goal in relation to impact, innovation and startups?

Our mission is: “Growing a better world together”. This is a global mission that we fulfill locally by facilitating entrepreneurs who make a global impact. Just like Rabobank, ImpactCity believes that economic success and working towards a better world go hand in hand and that is why our collaboration is a logical step.

How does Rabobank make a positive impact and contribute to the ImpactCity motto; “Doing good and doing business”?

We want to support entrepreneurs in digitizing, innovating, building partnerships and discovering new markets. With these pillars, we help entrepreneurs grow and scale up. Through our collaboration with ImpactCity, we may be able to provide additional assistance and inspiration to entrepreneurs to achieve their societal goals.

What do you hope to have achieved in 5 or 10 years when it comes to Rabobank goals innovations for a better world?

In 5-10 years I hope to see that my commitment to the “Growing a better world together” mission has contributed to the economic and social success of entrepreneurs from the Hague region.

Why and how did the partnership with ImpactCity come about?

When two organizations, whether public or private, both have a mission that is so close to each other, it is not surprising that you visit each other and enter into dialogue with each other on how you can strengthen each other. And I have to admit, it was not a very long process, we quickly found our shared interests and motives.

Rabobank also offers office hours in Apollo 14, the impact startup location of The Hague. Who can apply for this, with which questions can they turn to Rabobank?

Every entrepreneur who has something with the ImpactCity target group can visit the office hours for advice on both private (for example a mortgage) and business (investment in the company). With startups and scale-ups, private and business are often close to each other and sometimes intertwine. During office hours in Apollo 14, entrepreneurs can meet 1-on-1 with one of our account managers with the right expertise.

What else can Rabobank specifically offer to startups?

As Rabobank, we have a huge network. Innovative ideas are sometimes difficult to finance through a bank because it is not yet certain that the idea will yield enough money in the future to repay the bank loan. But what is not possible within our banking services can be discussed with crowdfunding platforms or business angels. The financing landscape has changed enormously in the last decade and is no longer just banks. It is often time-consuming for an entrepreneur to find out what is going on. We offer our support in this, so that the entrepreneur can focus on entrepreneurship.

Why do you / Rabobank think it’s important to help startups?

Starting your own business is often inspired by a passion for an idea. How wonderful it is that you can help start / scale-ups a step further in the realization of a dream based on their enthusiasm and passion. And if the dream of the entrepreneur also makes  positive impact, then you understand why I and my colleagues are driven to help this target group.

This year, Rabobank is the main sponsor of Impact Fest. Why does Impact Fest appeal to you?

Impact Fest brings entrepreneurs, investors, and funds from all over the world together here in The Hague. With Impact Fest we hope that the investors, “benefactors” and/or representatives of different foundations present will be connected to entrepreneurs and projects within the ImpactCity ecosystem. Such an event (there were 1400 visitors last year) naturally costs money, and we want to make that possible by supporting this financially.