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Besides gaining visibility, a pitch can be quite lucrative to access pre-seed funding whilst standing in the spotlight. When it comes down to pitching your startup or product and receiving awards for your pitch, you could be pitching all year long. What are the options and how do you choose which ones are most relevant for you in the current phase? How can you turn an elevator pitch into startup funding? And last but not least, what makes a good pitch?

Improve your pitch with several initiatives from the ImpactCity program:

The Hague Innovators Contest

In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working towards making the world a better place by doing business and doing good. Every day and in many ways. In order to promote these concepts, the city is sponsoring the annual The Hague Innovators Challenge. The best ideas can win prizes ranging from € 2.500 to € 25.000. Read more.

Startup in Residence

The city of The Hague is looking for startups with innovative ideas to tackle ‘wicked’ urban challenges. The Startup in Residence program aims to invest in the best ideas in order for startups to develop their prototypes. In addition, the startups will receive training, coaching and access to the municipality’s network. The Startup in Residence program offers various opportunities to kick start startups.

Impact Startup Fest

This festival focuses entirely on impact startups and scale-ups that are working on innovations that make the world a better place. Innovations that tackle social and global challenges. National and international matchmaking is at the core of the event. Impact Startup Fest provides a creative environment in which to build bonds and bridges, establish new connections, and create new opportunities to accelerate business.

Pitch your ideas in the ImpactCity partner network

Dig in ImpactCity’s network of experts to test your pitch. Partners like World Startup Factory, Truvalu, and many others are there for you to listen and improve your pitch. Checkout all ImpactCity partners.

Test your pitch on events


Practice makes perfect! Check out the events pages to test and perfect your pitch.

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