SIR Intergov:

Unique opportunity for startups to collaborate with governmental organizations

The Hague, [5 november 2020] –New solutions, fast results and less rules! This is what several government organizations and municipalities want to achieve with the Startup in Residence program. Six government organizations have selected 20 startups to start working on innovative solutions for social issues. These range from preventing dairy waste to organizing conferences within the current 1.5 meter society.

How does it work?

Collaboration and innovation are paramount in the Startup in Residence program. Breaking through current patterns and ways of thinking through the innovation and creativity of the startups is exactly what the government needs. Each round consists of different challenges that address social issues. After a selection round, the startups will start with the program. Under professional guidance and with financial resources from the government, they are given the opportunity to validate and scale their solution. In addition, the startups can also make use of the gigantic network of the government. Is the solution and elaboration for a challenge successful? Then the government purchases the product or service and thus becomes a launching customer for the startup.

Success story: app for blind and partially sighted people

The results of previous rounds show that the Startup in Residence program is a success. A good example is Envision. A startup that developed an app for blind and partially sighted people that describes and expresses the world around them. Thanks to Envision, these people now live a more independent life. Since the program, Envision has further developed its product and managed to establish a collaboration with Google to process the software in the Google glass.

These are the startups

View the full list of startups that the government agencies will work with and the corresponding challenges below:

  1. Centillien – Living Lab voor smart distancing (EZK)
  2. ArgaleoSmart city solutions for one-way pedestrian traffics (BZK)
  3. MavinTackling online disinformation (BZK)
  4. SquaresConferences in the 1.5m society (BZK)
  5. InnovatiehoekHeat stress in the elderly in nursing homes // 1 (PZH)
  6. A/BZHeat stress in the elderly in nursing homes // 2 (PZH)
  7. Birds.aiMapping Changes in the City (DH)
  8. Biomi-FarmingCircular management // 1 (PZH)
  9. WaterwegCircular operational management // 2 (PZH)
  10. AmfiusOptimization of the existing heating network in The Hague (DH)
  11. StoredEnergy – Biodiversity (PZH)
  12. Reefsystem – Biodiversity data (PZH)
  13. EcogoggleEnergy transition (PZH)
  14. BaezeChoosing the right interventions (SZW)
  15. MadlogicCompletion of training program inspectors (SZW)
  16. DeusAutomated text analysis collective labor agreements (SZW)
  17. sqill.itMapping Entrepreneurship Education (EZK)
  18. De ToezichtsfluisteraarAccessible contact with mining companies (EZK, SodM)
  19. Biodiversity in BusinessLease prices (LNV)
  20. BB Block – Biobased Modular Construction System (LNV)

The government-wide Startup in Residence program (SIR InterGov) is a collaboration between the province of South Holland, the municipality of The Hague & ImpactCity, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Business and Employment.

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