Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 – Meet selected startup Coders Co.

Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 is in full swing. On September 5th, seven startups were selected for the programme. They will co-create their solution with the City of The Hague the coming months. In the next few weeks, we will introduce each of the startups. Today, we’d like to introduce Coders Co., who is working on the challenge “PDF to Vector”.

Coders Co. develops a tool that automatically processes information from building drawings. As a result, information from the drawings can be stored in a geographical database that is easy to integrate with existing geodatabases such as BAG, BGT and BRK. By making this information available in an accessible form, existing processes can be made faster and more efficient, resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

The team at Coders Co. has known each other for more than 15 years. The team members completed a Ph.D. together at the VU University after which they had different jobs. The company Coders Co. was born out of frustration: “With bureaucracy, inefficient management and everything that is wrong with large(r) companies, we wanted to set up a company where it is nice for coders and other technical people to work.” 

We have already completed a lot of data projects. We built an energy-consumption prediction service for BAM, which means that they can purchase energy for their buildings more cheaply. We have also built a data platform for Zorginstituut Nederland that provides insight into the quality of nursing homes. And we build our own software. This is what we enjoy the most!”

Founder Gosia states that she is surprised by the Startup in Residence programme: “The Municipality of the Hague takes this challenge topic seriously. The civil servants that we work with are very passionate and really want to make an impact.

Startup in Residence, an initiative powered by ImpactCity, is a new way of connecting the City of The Hague and startups. Through this programme, the municipality of The Hague is looking for and invests in startups with innovative ideas that tackle challenges in the city. The programme supports startups in co-creating and developing their prototypes with civil servants and exploring future business models together.

Do you want to build your business and make an impact in the city with your solution? Keep an eye on, as new challenges will be launched in November!