Startup in Residence The Hague 2018:

Get ready for Demo Day on December 4th

For the winners of Startup in Residence The Hague, It has been a busy month of workshops, presentations, preparations, and interviews. 5 startups have been working with problem owners of the municipality to develop solutions for urban challenges. The temperature is now rising slowly as we approach Demo Day on December 4th. This is the moment that our startups will present their solutions to a bigger crowd. During the last months, they have been working very hard to prepare for Demo Day.

The month October started with Impact Startup Fest, the annual event for purpose-driven entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. A great opportunity for Startup in Residence to get in touch with and learn from other startups. The Startup in Residence team also participated in Roundabout sessions, where the program was discussed with other impact makers. After Impact Startup Fest, the real preparation began.

Solution improvement in Apollo 14

The goal of the Startup in Residence program is to enhance the proposed solutions for urban challenges as much as possible and close the gap between theory and real-life implementation. To further improve their innovations, the startups followed a number of workshops at Apollo 14. These are a few highlights:

  • Check-ins with civil servants: How are the prototypes coming along, how is the communication between startups and civil servants going, what help do they need?
  • Session mentor platform: Which mentors and expertise do we offer via the SIR programme and how to book individual sessions.
  • Workshop financial modeling: How to successfully finance each phase of the startup, and minimize costs.
  • Workshop communication: How to successfully communicate your message to your customer and beyond.

Facebook marketing by Robin Schuil

On November 20th we welcomed Robin Schuil to Apollo 14, one of the founders of Marktplaats. He shared his inspiring journey to becoming an entrepreneur, with all ups & downs that come with it. During his workshop, he focused on the great things you can do as an entrepreneur with social marketing. Using Facebook marketing and lookalike audiences, it is possible to reach many potential clients. Robin also told us all about his new company in Greece, Vendora, building a new Greek “Marktplaats” and using these techniques successfully in real life. We thank Robin Schuil for this useful workshop. We were inspired!

Fun fact: the creation of the Startup in Residence movie

A new video about our SIR programme was shot last month. A sneak preview was recently released, but the full video will premiere on Demo Day. Be the first to see it and sign up! Or keep an eye on social media: @startupinres070.


Join Demo Day on December 4th!

After two successful editions, Demo Day of Startup in Residence will take place for the third time on December 4th. Here, the winners of the Startup in Residence programme will show their concrete examples of doing good and doing business together with the municipality of The Hague. Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines will open the event after which our startups will present their prototypes.

Are you a startup looking to work with governments, an investor interested in urban innovations, or a civil servant interested in solving challenges with startups? Or simply: Do you want to know more about these innovative solutions?

Then sign up for Demo Day!