Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 – Meet selected startup – KroosBusters

Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 is in full swing. On September 5th, seven startups were selected for the programme. They will co-create their solution with the City of The Hague the coming months. In the next few weeks, we will introduce each of the startups. Today, we’d like to introduce KroosBusters, which is working on the challenge “The Duckweed Solution”.

Under the banner of KroosBusters, Jan and Marco work on a solution for combating duckweed. With less duckweed in the canals, the water quality, value and safety increases and canals can be operated more efficiently.

KroosBusters first started as Henry Alfredo, a design and inventor agency that was established when Marco realised his strength and passion for crafting, designing, inventing and working with his hands: making something useful and artfully beautiful. AsmusMade was set up by Jan as a follow-up because inventing and doing business is Jan’s passion and he is no stranger to embedded software, IoT, LoRa and the rigging of sensor platforms.

After a holiday in Greece, the two men became good friends and the cooperation arose soon after. They worked on various projects. For example, autonomously flying drones and a thermostat that controls the boiler alongside an existing thermostat. In a web interface, it shows the flow, return and room temperature in graph form, in order to adjust the boiler more economically.

“As an inventor you often “search” for a problem to which you can apply your solution, but this time the municipality actually had a concrete problem for which we had to create a solution. We would like to contribute to an innovation which relieves the water in the Hague from duckweed. Also it has its charm seeing your product being used outdoors. The duckweed problem is a globally growing and complex problem that forces us to bundle our expertise. The technical challenges fascinate us in inventing a solution that requires customization. Finally, we see the municipality as a partner who can open doors and involve multiple parties in the development and marketing.”

Startup in Residence, an initiative powered by ImpactCity, is a new way of connecting the City of The Hague and startups. Through this programme, the municipality of The Hague is looking for and invests in startups with innovative ideas that tackle challenges in the city. The programme supports startups in co-creating and developing their prototypes with civil servants and exploring future business models together.

Do you want to build your business and make an impact in the city with your solution? 19 challenges of the new programma can be found on: Startups can sign up until January 17th 2020.