Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 – Meet selected startup – Arylis

Startup in Residence The Hague 4.0 is in full swing. Seven startups are currently working on their solution with the City of The Hague. The past weeks we have introduced the startups participating in the programme. Today, we’d like to introduce “Arylis”, working on the challenge “Expand the world of elderly”.

Ilja Kamphuis, Annelijn Boender and Maartje Leemans, initiators of Arylis, developed a solution to reduce loneliness among elderly. They came across the challenge of the Municipality of The Hague by chance. The municipality was looking for a solution that uses existing or new tools to help elderly people expand their social network. The focus had to be non-digital, as many elderly are not familiar with digital apps after all.

How Arylis came about

The mother of one of the initiators set up a daily telephone circle in her village two years ago. This functions well. “The question that we had was: it is a simple idea that works so well, why are there not more of these kinds of telephone circles? Different types of phone circles exist, but not nearly as many as there could be. If we become the driving force behind it, and organize it cleverly so that it can scale up, we can make an impact for many people living alone. That is our motivation. “

The solution

The idea of ​​Arylis is to expand the (existing) concept of telephone circles into a modern, contemporary implementation. This is a combination of the daily telephone calls between participants (human contact) and a smart platform with an efficient organization that makes it possible to organize large numbers of telephone circles and that participants can be matched in a smart way. “Through this platform we also want to make it possible for participants in telephone circles to easily come into contact with other people, such as primary school children. The idea is to put a specially designed telephone booth in a school, so that the children can occasionally call the participants of telephone circles. This telephone booth can then be placed somewhere else another time, like at a shopping mall or a library. ”


“The challenge of the municipality showed us that there is a need for ideas such as ours, and that is an important motivation to participate in this program: we wanted to set this up and the municipality needed the solution, collaboration is almost obvious. In our discussions with the municipality, we got various additional ideas to use and expand the network or platform of telephone circles in other ways. In addition, we came into contact with various stakeholders via the municipality, and that network will also be very useful for the further implementation of our idea the coming period. ”

Startup in Residence, an initiative powered by ImpactCity, is a new way of connecting the City of The Hague and startups. Through this programme, the municipality of The Hague is looking for and invests in startups with innovative ideas that tackle challenges in the city. The programme supports startups in co-creating and developing their prototypes with civil servants and exploring future business models together. 

Do you want to build your business and make an impact in the city with your solution? 19 challenges of the new programma can be found on: Startups can sign up until January 17th 2020.