Startup in Residence The Hague:

Driven to Impact: one of the winners of Startup in Residence the Hague 2017

Startup at Residence The Hague 2018 is now in full swing. The first startup plans have been submitted, and on 22 May closes the date for registration. A good moment to look at the winning startups of last year. In this blog, we follow Driven to Impact by founders Dennis Roopram and Bianca van den Engh. What has happened after winning Startup in Residence in 2017? A report of the transformation of a paper plan into a real company.

Why did Driven to Impact win in 2017?

At Startup in Residence, Driven to Impact was 1 of the 6 winning startups. Just like this year, a number of challenges were formulated, for which startups could provide an innovative solution. One of the challenges was to develop a solution to give citizens, informal carers, professionals and the municipality easy access to information about help and support under the Social Support Act (WMO).

Dennis Roopram and Bianca van Engh were already working on this issue. Bianca from her own experiences in home care, and Dennis from his background as a software engineer and developer. Their idea was to develop a low-threshold platform in the form of an app or website for people in need of care. By using “gamification” it is possible to significantly increase the user-friendliness. And ultimately, the distance between the care and the dependent, including informal caregivers, is reduced.

The idea of ​​Driven to Impact was exactly the answer to the question. But this was not the only reason for winning the prize. Bianca has an enormous amount of knowledge about caregiving and about the problems for people who need healthcare and care providers. And Dennis has the knowledge to transform an idea into a functional working system.

What happened afterwards?

After the summer, the program started with workshops and weekly meetings with stakeholders. In increasingly smaller loops, solution and problems were brought closer together in a real co-creation. Based on a list of features, the design was further refined. Also, the screens were designed, so it was made visible how the application would look like. After this, tests with end users were carried out with clients in a community center.

Demoday was on December 19. During this day, the startups have shown their prototypes. Driven to Impact did this with a video, in which they showed an animation of the platform. The reaction was very positive, and therefore their plan was also presented to the decision-makers within the municipality. A bid was made in February, including a business case with costs and benefits. And to the delight of Bianca and Dennis, the bid was approved 2 weeks ago and the tender was received. It was a lot of work, next to their normal jobs. But in the end all efforts led to a great result.

Build your business!

Now that Driven to Impact has received the tender for building the application, they end up in an exciting phase. In addition to formal matters such as contracts, the plan will now become real. This means that the municipality of The Hague will actually become a customer and the product will be built. Their wish is to have a working solution all this year. Dennis has the knowledge, but has asked people in his network to help. And Bianca is responsible for the commercial side: develop the business by showing the market the possibilities. Because this platform can also be used in other sectors within healthcare and health insurance.

The goal of Bianca and Dennis is to make Driven to Impact a healthy company. Care is just the beginning. With Driven to Impact they want to create social impact in the Netherlands. “We are motivated by social issues.”