Startup in Residence:

Validating Solutions & Meeting Our Startups!

An update from Startup in Residence (SIR) The Hague

Startup in Residence The Hague’s fourth edition is in full swing! It is time for a new update: A few months ago, 7 civil servants of the municipality of the Hague set out a tender for urban challenges via the Startup in Residence programme (powered by ImpactCity). We were happy to see that so many startups submitted innovative solutions.

In June, 17 of these startups were selected and participated in a deep dive session & validation program. In this newsletter we share experiences of the validation program and introduce you to a few of our startups!

Validation Program

The startups followed a validation program between end of June-mid July at the impact startup hub Apollo 14. They followed workshops about:

  • Customer segments, engagement & interviewing
  • Value propositioning and competitive advantages
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Problem solution fit
  • Process mapping & the customer journy
  • Business model strategy

In this validation program the startups were challenged to identify and interview their customers to understand the problems they are facing.

The validation program is facilitated by Ideahackers. Daria and Iris personally guided the startups via 1-on-1 sessions and also brought in a range of professional mentors.


Mentor Mingle

On July 12th, a mentor mingle event was organised to bring together startups and various mentors of the SIR program to get to know each other’s expertise. A great start for some new valuable connections!



Meet the startups!

Now let’s introduce you to a few of the startups working on challenges for the municipality of The Hague.

Gunneman GIS & Geomatics
Challenge: PDF to Vector

“From citizen participation for the living environment, partnerships, improving work processes, having a nasty truth to improving communication between people: many people have no idea how much is possible with geographical information. We like to talk to these people in order to express the role of geographical information.”


Coders Co.
Challenge: PDF to Vector

“We have completed a lot of data projects where we use our knowledge and passion for innovation. While at the same time creating a nice place for coders and other technical people to work. From this base, we’ve already been able to build innovative data platforms for BAM and Zorginstituut Nederland, and now Startup in Residence The Hague.”


Challenge: Digitize data-flow employees on the street

“What motivates us to work with municipalities is that money isn’t the main driving force, but that there is a broader perspective through (policy) objectives. This gives companies like SecGroep B.V. the space to think along with our expertise. In addition, we experience the atmosphere within municipalities as accessible and pleasant. The civil servants with whom we work are, without exception, driven by a passion for their field. T›his creates a good collaboration and makes coordination easier.”

Portaal Technologies
Challenge: 3D scans for building plans

“We were pleasantly surprised with the formulated challenge of the municipality. The municipality has shown to know very well what their goal is. The municipality’s ambition to collaborate with startups and use technology to make it easier and more cost-effective for residents of The Hague to rebuild their homes fits very well with our vision of what technology can make possible.”

Challenge: Optimize financial support for adolescents with MID

“With the SiR program we get the opportunity to get in touch with many stakeholders. The program is literally and figuratively a ‘deep dive’ and the learning points are worth gold. If with our solution we can contribute significantly to reducing the debt problem and give more people control over their own money, then we are well on our way with our mission.”



Challenge: Optimize financial support for adolescents with MID

“This SIR project, which is looking for solutions for adolescents with MID, is very special to us as one of the founders has a family member with MID. We want to contribute to this issue by proving the right solution. This is the biggest motivation working with a government, an actual opportunity to make a change. We have an ability, and government has the power to implement our inventions for a better living of the people.”


Henry Alfredo
Challenge: The Duckweed Solution

“We would like to contribute to an innovation which relieves the water in the Hague from duckweed. The duckweed problem is a globally growing and complex problem that forces us to bundle our expertise. The technical challenges fascinate us in inventing a solution that requires customization. Finally, we see the municipality as a partner who can open doors and involve multiple parties in the development and marketing.”




Challenge: The Duckweed Solution

“Where deBaai focuses on the cultivation of duckweed, the knowledge and techniques required for this are at the same time also very useful for parties who want to get rid of duckweed. The municipality of The Hague’s challenge to remove duckweed is a great opportunity to test whether diversification to duckweed removal offers opportunities. The municipality is also a completely different client than what I have experienced until now. There seems to be a lot of room for making real impact with innovative ideas in the short term.”



Challenge: Give homeless a home

“We want to cooperate with the municipality because we pursue the same goals. We want to help the municipality implement its municipal ‘10 point plan for improving social relief’. The biggest advantage of the SIR programme is that we can show that the municipality sees opportunities in our plan. And that we are professionally guided by SIR in further developing the solution.”

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