Startup in Residence 2017 is in full swing (part 3):“On Demo Day, we will surprise the audience with our progress”

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The 2017 edition of governmental accelerator program Startup in Residence The Hague is in full swing. As part of the program, six startups have immersed themselves in an intensive training program. They are now getting ready to present their prototypes on Demo Day on December 19th. We checked in with the participating startups to find out about their prepping strategies.

Throughout the Startup in Residence program, the startups have teamed up with civil servants. Together, they validated assumptions, tested prototypes, and gained new insights in their specific areas of interest. On Demo Day, on 19 December, the startups will take the stage with their municipal partners. They will pitch the solutions they have been working on to tackle the challenges set out by the civil servants.

What’s more, the startups will have the opportunity to share their ambitions and requirements to carry on their work and will suggest ideas for continued collaboration. Now that the training program is coming to an end, and the final presentations are near, tension is rising for the participant startups.

“The Startup in Residence program has an excellent track record with startups from San Francisco to Amsterdam, and from Washington D.C. to The Hague, so the expectations are high” – Roberto Viana, co-founder at startup Avenieuw

Eager to share

With the help of local storytelling expert Jonathan Talbott, they have all worked hard to fine-tune their core message and overall story. And they are keen to share it on Demo Day. “We are eagerly waiting to present our best on Demo Day,” Sharat Sreekantan, co-founder at startup The Next Green Thing, says.

“We are preparing extensively and are confident that we will surprise the audience with our progress. We firmly believe that in the end, hours of software development and hard work will pay fruitfully,” he adds.

An intriguing story

“The pitch I will present on Demo Day will be focused on the audience. I want them to have the same feeling that I have about my idea,” Daan Meily, co-founder at startup One Day The Hague, shares.

“Our pitch has completely changed,” Dennis Roopram, co-founder at Driven to Impact, joins in. “We are no longer focusing on showing off our product. We are focusing on creating an intriguing story everyone will want to hear the end of.”

“Demo Day is the best place to witness The Hague’s efforts to meet the city’s challenges through startup solutions” – Sharat Sreekantan, co-founder at startup The Next Green Thing

The next level

“Demo Day will be our chance to show our worth to a wide array of possible future investors. The burden’s on us to demonstrate what we can do given if given the right resources,” he adds.

“We have improved our concept and have taken it to the next level,” Anke Kuipers, founder at startup Eventpeak, joins in. “The training program and the last few months have all been about improving and validating our ideas. This will be part of our pitch on Demo Day.”

Founder at startup One Stop Shop, Hala Alhamed, has been focusing on her core message, too. She says, “As a result of the training program, my pitch has shifted direction from merely communicating what I am passionate about to what is relevant to the audience. I’ve come to realize that people don’t have time to listen to the whole story.”

Be there or be square

“I think the Startup in Residence program has an excellent track record with startups from San Francisco to Amsterdam, and from Washington D.C. to The Hague, so the expectations are high,” Roberto Viana, co-founder at startup Avenieuw, argues. “I’m confident that people interested in this type of event will enjoy Demo Day.”

“This event is a great place to get involved and be part of the emerging startups and the technology we bring to the citizens,” Sharat Sreekantan, co-founder at startup The Next Green Thing, emphasizes. “It is the best place for the citizens to witness the efforts and approach of the municipality of The Hague to meet the city’s challenges through our startup solutions.”

Dennis Roopram adds, “All the startups have been working incredibly hard and diligently on very new and creative ways of solving complex problems. Demo Day will be an exciting event where we will reveal our prototypes and lay the groundwork for more to come.”

Altogether new solutions

The startup accelerator program, Startup in Residence The Hague, aims to kickstart startups and connect them to the City of The Hague to encourage collaboration. The program is inspired by the notion that startups are perfectly positioned to come up with altogether new solutions to the problems the city faces.

Over the course of the spring, the municipality of The Hague called on startups to submit their creative ideas. After consideration by a professional jurysix startups were selected to participate in this year’s edition. In August, they started their four-month co-development track featuring an intensive training program that will end on Demo Day, on 19 December, when they will present their prototypes.

Interested to find out more? Join Demo Day at Haagse Lobby on 19 December to hear their stories, get a first-hand look at their work in progress, and find out how you can help or benefit. We kindly request you to register beforehand. Also, keep an eye on Startup in Residence The Hague’website, and hurry back here for the latest.