“The Startup in Residence program offers you the opportunity to collaborate with the government and test your ideas in the city.”

Join Startup in Residence 2019!

Make impact by co-creating solutions with the municipality. Startup in Residence The Hague is the incubator of the municipality where starting entrepreneurs are asked to co-create solutions for challenges in the city.

Are you a starting entrepreneur with innovative ideas for solutions to urban and social issues in The Hague? Give your startup a kick-start and join the municipality of The Hague in this challenge.

And what happens if your solution gets chosen? The best ideas, selected by a jury, are eligible for investment in money, intensive training in impact location Apollo 14, a workspace and access to the municipality’s network to help your company grow.

These are the challenges of Startup in Residence The Hague 2019:

  1. Optimize financial support for adolescents with MID.How do we optimize (and digitalize) the financial support for adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities?
  2. The Duckweed solution. How can we limit the growth of duckweeds and maybe even deploy the weeds for something useful?
  3. 3D scans for building plans. When applying for a building permit, the submitted building plans often differ from the real situation. How can 3D scans offer a solution?
  4. From PDF to Vector. Develop an efficient tool to transfer data about buildings in apartment drawings and building plans into an object-oriented geo database.
  5. Expand the world of elderly. How do you enrich the lives and environment of elderly with digital tools that can be used independently of language and (digital) skills?
  6. Give homeless a home. How can we ensure that homeless citizens get a stable (semi-independent) home? And are there opportunities for them to take an active role in their solution?
  7. Digitize data flow employees on the street. Develop new technologies to share data between the office and outdoor department of the City, and if possible, to simplify complex tasks and optimize data-related processes for employees.

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Wanted: innovative ideas

Do you have a good, innovative idea for a startup but do you need an extra push? Do you want to start a business but do you still lack the financial means and knowledge? Can you use expert training and expert guidance? Does your company need good publicity and a strong network?

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“Since my startup has direct social impact, a program set up by the municipality, such as Startup in Residence, is an ideal platform for me.”

– The Next Green Thing, founder Sharat Sreekantan

“I believe the most valuable part of the Startup in Residence The Hague program is the vast amount of knowledge, experience and network connections that will be made available.”

– Driven to Impact, founder Dennis Roopram

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