Guest blog by inti ferreira:

Pioneer fashion brand inti ferreira celebrates ten years of making a difference

Today, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth. The primary culprit is fast fashion. Since its launch in 2007, The Hague-based sustainable fashion brand inti ferreira has become an established brand internationally. It aims to create wearable and timeless fashion collections, that respect people and planet. ImpactCity is happy to present inti ferreira‘s guest blog below.  

The apparel industry accounts for ten percent of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil. The fast fashion industry is also known for unethical production practices. Millions of garment workers in developing countries are facing the reality of unbearable working conditions, long hours, and below living wage salary. In the market place filled to the brim with fast fashion products, creating fashion in a sustainable way is not an easy task. However, sustainable brands like inti ferreira are up for the challenge.

“It is important for people to start thinking long term” – Semsa Ferreira, founder at sustainable fashion brand inti ferreira


Designer Semsa Ferreira tells us what we need to hear: “The fast fashion industry only cares about profit and doesn’t care about the environment or the people who work for them. Fast fashion is only cheap at the expense of exploitation. The production cost of a sustainable fashion piece is of course higher, because we pay fair wages to our employees and buy only fair trade fabrics. It is important for people to start thinking long term.”

There is a real need to change consumer behavior. If people keep buying cheap fast fashion items, they are supporting the unethical monstrous system that is producing them. Sustainable clothes might be more expensive, but they are better for the future of our planet.


“I am happy that I am not alone in this struggle against the Goliath of fast fashion. There are other local and international brands who are also embracing sustainability. Together we are striving to make a positive difference in this world,” says Semsa.

Since inti ferreira’s launch in 2007, it has been dedicated to creating fashion ethically and responsibly. Semsa has brought her passion for the environment into each aspect of the company. She is not willing to compromise when it comes to production methods, materials, or beauty. “We create clothes that you feel good wearing. You look good, if you are true to yourself,” says Semsa.

Ten years of sustainable fashion

This year, inti ferreira is celebrating its ten-year anniversary with the launching of its new GREENCODE collection. The new collection focuses on transforming recycled and natural materials into chic futuristic designs. The collection is driven by a desire to change people’s perception of green fashion.

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