We're proud to present:

These are the nominees of the The Hague Innovators Challenge 2015

With the The Hague Innovators Challenge, the City of The Hague wants to encourage organizations and students to present their ideas about solving current global challenges. Interdisciplinary concepts that link various disciplines and sectors are preferred. The best ideas are rewarded with prizes ranging from € 5,000 to € 35,000.

Over thirty concepts were submitted. The topics ranged from products that fit on your key chain and your bicycle to cultivation of your future meal in the sea. The jury therefore had a difficult task selecting nine nominees.

All concepts were thoroughly discussed and ranked. To which extent does the concept contribute to an impactful solution that tackles an international global challenge? How is the business model sustainable? How does the concept add value to existing products, processes, technologies, and services? Is the concept scalable to other sectors, applications, countries or regions? And, to what extent does the concept contribute, in collaboration with companies, (knowledge) institutions or governmental organizations, to the overall economy of The Hague?

Announcing the nominees

During the The Hague-based Border Sessions festival, the jury proudly announced the nine nominees that have been invited to enter the second phase. Waste management was a popular topic. Three innovative students came up with three different solutions that address the consequences of the waste we generate: make plastic fantastic, make food waste visible and available for purchase online, and make old clothes fantastic by reusing them for new tank tops. Waste was addressed also by one other nominee: valuable materials get a second life in an urban mining concept.

But what about our global challenge concerning food? Reducing our footprint by eating more vegetables was addressed in terms of farming in the sea. And eating these locally grown products at the restaurant. Also, the environment was addressed: protecting our babies from the sun and breathing in healthier air by connected alarm bells on our bicycles. There is one thing missing in the Netherlands. The Dutch mastered the sea, but didn’t engineer the creation of mountains. Yet. But according to these innovators we will soon be skiing on our beach.

What’s next

The nominees are working on their profiles in preparation for the launch the vote plugin next week. Stay tuned to hear more.