We at Apprentify want to offer you the tools to build your own future. Do you want to work, are you ambitious and are you looking for a job with a future perspective? Then look no further. Apprentify is the platform where ambition and craftsmanship meet each other.

In the current economic climate, the demand for vocational work is on the rise. However, there is still a lack of people who can work in the vocational sector. For this reason, our partners are looking for you! Do you want to learn a craft, and get paid at the same time? Then search for your tutor and learn a craft that interests you. Build your own future!

By providing an easy-to-use, intuitive platform, potential apprentices and individual masters/companies can connect with each other in just few clicks of a button. We believe that merging together two seemingly unrelated things from seemingly two different timelines – old-school vocational apprenticeship -, we are capable of not only providing real opportunity for a person to build his or her own future, but also popularizing the art of craftsmanship and promote the vocational sector.

In the future, we will be aiming to establish a close cooperation with universities, high-schools, local municipalities and interest groups such as MKB Nederland. They can help us to further the promotion of our platform among young people and potential partners. It is imperative for the use of our service to receive constant feedback from two of our target groups. Feedback is essential to secure the quality of our service and to tailor our platform to the preferences of the user.

Therefore, one of our main priorities is to ensure a comfortable, bureaucracy-free experience for our future clients.

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