CricketOne is an ingredient supplier specialized in extracting protein from the most sustainable material – cricket. We have a wide range of protein powder such as 65% protein, 75% protein concentrate and launching soluble protein powder for staple and functional, sport and clinical nutrition.

We also have other value-added byproducts such as refined cricket oil for cosmetic and frass for fertilizer. Our goal is to erupt the cricket protein market by benchmarking high-quality product with great value and affordable price to the traditional animal protein through developing intensive breeding units embedded with vertical farming and IoT control systems, specialized cricket feed from 100% plant-based local agricultural byproduct, and an inclusive business model with local farmers.

By doing this, we are contributing to tackling the global food crisis, and climate change by introducing at large scale a novel and sustainable protein from cricket while making a strong social impact by helping under poor farmers earning 6 times extra income.