Easy World is a startup that consists of young ambitious entrepreneurs with a technical and business background. We have developed a smart solution to a global problem.

Easy World is a company that originates from a project of the study Industrial Engineering, Delft University. During this project we came up with the idea of preventing hearing damage with a portable decibel meter, the DeciBrace, mainly intended for festivals. The Decibrace measures the sound and gives a warning signal via a light and vibration function in case of a chance of hearing damage. It was a success, and after a place in the top 5 of the 1000 participating students in 2017 and attention in different media, it was time for a sequel. After closing the project we seized the opportunity to continue and start a startup with our smart health device, the DeciBrace, as our main proposition.

Our goal is to banish hearing damage through the DeciBrace. The hearing is a fragile organ and once hearing damage is difficult to live with and not back to old. The DeciBrace draws people’s attention to the noise level in the environment, timely action can be taken and hearing damage can be prevented.

Together against hearing damage!